A Little Before-and-After

There is a burning question I am probed with frequently. That question is: what the heck does a colorist even do?

We color! Well yes, that is our primary concern, but changes in technology and business require colorists to adopt so many other skills, techniques, and tool comprehension, all of which demand a keen awareness of the entire editorial pipeline.

A renowned colorist recently asked whether or not we should be expected to know every new tool added to our coloring software of choice (looking at you, Blackmagic Design). It's a fair question--should colorists accept these changes and make themselves expert editors, sound mixers, and VFX artists on top of their color mastery, or will they stretch themselves too thin in the process?

In line with this question, I thought it would be fun to put up a brief side-by-side demo of the raw footage compared to the finished render both as an educational tool and a display of versatility with current softwares. This particular demo includes DaVinci Resolve and Adobe After Effects work--cut and colored (and occasionally re-framed) in Resolve, a bit of extra flourishes added in After Effects.