What does a colorist do?

It's a good question. What do we do? And who are we?

Well, we are the people who ensure that the final film product appears clean, polished, vibrant, and exactly as the director and director of photography have intended. We ensure that the final renders will play beautifully and accurately in a Dolby theater setting as well as your home entertainment center.

How do we do this? It's COMPLICATED, but over the years, traditional color timers have been required to adapt to changing industry demands both aesthetically and technologically, and thus the Digital Intermediate was born. Now that we work in a file-based environment, the colorist's trade blends seamlessly with editorial and VFX departments to maintain consistency and efficiency throughout the post-production pipeline.

What tools do we use? The answer to that is very long, but the tools that I use are:


What does this mean for a client? Simple--a breadth of tools to cover the most demanding projects from full color correction to visual effects and noise/grain clean-up.


feature films

Starting at $1200

short films

Starting at $400

Rates ebb and flow depending on the length of the project, the degree of difficulty, and the amount of time in the suite. Daily rates start at $300.

As an independent boutique, JC Color maintains lower rates thanks to little overhead and no studio rental fees! What this means is fast, efficient work at highly competitive pricing for the independent market.

Contact me today for a free estimate and consultation. Let's master some movies! - JC

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