jC 1.0 Hits the Ground Running...or Perhaps with a Thud

Hello and welcome to my latest foray into web design and media frenzy!

In due time, my hope is that this work portfolio will morph into some form of tab keeper on my whereabouts, film work, creative musings, current film and music consumption, and even philosophical diatribes about filmmaking itself (I'll keep it light, I promise).

Folks, we all know filmmaking is a slow-moving process, not unlike the crawl of a snail sometimes. The Cinematography and Photography pages will grow as the projects roll in and as each of them go through their finishing touches and fall upon the world's eye. As well, the site is sort of in a 'beta" state, so layout, design, and functionality will hopefully improve in the coming months. 

On that note, I also hope that this site will become a sort of social portal for people to discuss cinema and its ever-changing social, cultural, and artistic landscapes. It's human to feel attracted toward images and symbols, and it's even more human to crave provocative storytelling. Who doesn't want to be prodded about things like mortality or social stratification? And what better way to express the current standards of human life in all of its many forms than through the cinema? It's a good one in my book.

With that out of the way, welcome to the site, and thanks for stopping by. There are links at the bottom for Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram for those interested in connecting (I'm on Twitter but will not participate...sorry).

Don't be a stranger, now!