Living In a Fog

There's something a lot of people from the Midwest understand well--the winter blues.

The blues have hit me in a big way lately as our environment oscillates between winter and a disturbingly early Spring. The idea of shooting in the same locations over and over on dreary, dull, overcast, and melancholy days sends shivers up the spines of most photographers, myself included. Your brain darts into the very deepest crevices to come up with an image or a location--a rock that hasn't been overturned. The perpetual gray certainly doesn't help.

Despite the anxiety of not finding a damn thing to shoot, I managed to snag a couple of shots this evening. The clouds rolled back in, and I made my way back home, only to discover the most breathtaking sunset had appeared. Typical winter-blues luck. I should probably learn to plan ahead for my photography instead of "wingin' it."