Returning to Blackmagic Design with Open Arms

It's been many a blue moon since I've shot something on a BMD camera system. RED cameras dominate most of my cinematography, but I have been endlessly curious about BMD's Ursa line for some time.

Well, I'm finally sinking my teeth into the nuts and bolts of what makes an Ursa Mini 4K tick, and I must say, despite some of the tried-and-true BMD technical foibles persisting, I can say that the Ursa Mini is a well-designed, intuitively-buttoned, ergonomic, and visually pleasing camera.

I won't go into any technical mumbo-jumbo about the sensor specs or LUTs or dynamic range, because I honestly don't care about any of that stuff beyond the basics, and those basics inform my knowledge of the camera's limitations. From that point, it's smooth sailing with Blackmagic Design.

As a sidenote, this little edit was composed entirely in Davinci Resolve Studio. Given the financial demands of Creative Cloud services and Resolve's recent MASSIVE price drop (not to mention the inclusion of Fairlight audio suite), I'd say there's a new editor on the playground looking to knock down the big guys.